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CRE Consulting
Since 1982, Communication Research Enterprises (CRE), LLC, has guided educational, media, business, government and civic organizations in developing strategies to benefit most from the diversity of their organizations. We use our team of experts in communication and media research, market analysis and cross-cultural communications to assess organizational needs and to help leaders devise smart, forward-looking plans to meet those needs. We specialize in helping executives and managers to achieve excellence by effectively coaching across cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, and religious differences.

CRE Arts
CRE Arts, our newest division, specializes in working with a variety of organizations to maximize their potential benefits from digital media.  CRE has partnered with The Digital Television Report (DTR) organization and formed a national network of colleges, universities and municipalities. Since 2007, “The DTR National Tour” has presented seminars and lectures to that network on the impact of digital media. Each presentation delivers the most current information on consumer issues, public policy and the interactive opportunities of digital media.

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